A scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game, vaguely in the style of similar games for the Commodore+4. The game is intended to show young people (I'm writing it for my son's birthday) all the cool games they missed.

System Requirements:

The SDL and SDL_mixer libraries. The game will compile and run on Linux, Windows, MacOS X and the BeOS.


Curious Cannons!
Bears, oh my!
Older screenshots:
A patient spider
Magical fire
Old title screen
A spider guards the key
Hidden gems
Outside scene
Entire map (warning large file and spoiler)

Downloading and links

Building the Source

To compile on linux get the source, untar it and:

You can also cross-compile to windows by:
For more info on cross-compilation, look here.

Running Abe!!

You can run it by typing ./abe or abe.exe on Windows.
To run in windowed mode, do: ./abe --window ./abe -? will give you the less often used features.


Keyboard controls:
arrow keys - move
space - jump
enter - use a balloon
esc - quit
r - repaint screen
b - take a screenshot
(when Game.h::GOD_MODE is set)
g - toggle god mode

(set Game.h::GOD_MODE=1)
arrow keys - move
move around by pages:
enter - put down tile
1,2,3 - select layer
del,backspace - clear tile
5,6,7 - cycle thru tiles
L - load map
S - save map
I - icon selector
esc - quit
rectangle selections:
(q - upper left, w - lower right)
q,w - to make a ladder
q,e - to fill a rectangle

Mouse control in editor:
left click - put down tile
middle click - clear tile
right click - icon selector

Known issues/Bugs

  • On a MacOS X laptop, I couldn't run the game in fullscreen mode. Run the game with the --window option.
  • If the game won't start and complains about sound support, run it with the --nosound option.
  • If you get really frustrated, edit Game.h and set GOD_MODE to 1. Then pressing "g" will toggle god mode ;-)

Thanks go to:

  • SourceForge and SDL!! (links below).
  • Alex Clark for the music
  • Michal Tomaszkiewicz for compiling on Be
  • Countless people for testing (Christie, Abe, etc.) Logo